Following its recent expansion into European markets, PostProcess technologies Inc. announces its debuts in Japan.

The provider of post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing will be working with K.K. IRISU (C. ILLIES & CO., LTD.) The distribution partner specializes in top-end industrial machinery and technologies. The company is a distributor of several European & Asian brands including Roboze, BigRep and Shining 3D. The addition of a post-process solution allows customers to benefit from sustainable, data-driven post-printing technology.

PostProcess technologies Inc. define its solutions as a technology that automates industrial 3D printing with a software based-approach. In other terms, if everything is thought from the very beginning, which is the software, it means that the solution takes into account every single step of post-production including support, resin, powder removal as well as surface finishing.

The company’s technology is said to decrease manual labor, reduce cycle time, improve consistency and repeatability, and lower scrap/reprint rates.

K.K.IRISU’s main objective is to educate the Japanese market in additive manufacturing and to continue to be the solution provider for the Japanese 3D manufacturing world,” says Dr. Frank Oberndorff, President of K. K. IRISU. “We feel that by adding PostProcess Technologies to our lineup, will help assist the Japanese market to compete with other countries in Additive manufacturing as well as globally maintain the high standards of the tag ‘Made in Japan’.”

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