PHYTEC develops its additive electronics manufacturing with Nano Dimension’ 3D printers

PHYTEC has recently been appointed first reseller in Germany for Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer. The company is a maker of microprocessor-based solutions for industrial embedded devices.

PHYTEC could be a reliable reseller since the company already has some experience with Nano Dimension’s products. This move leverages PHYTEC’s technical sales expertise as well as its commercial and service infrastructure to accelerate the expansion of Nano Dimension’s customer acquisition capabilities in Europe.

This announcement marks a milestone in Nano Dimension’s transition from its R&D phase into full commercialization with users.

Bodo Huber, CEO of PHYTEC affirms regarding this announcement: “We are constantly looking for competitive advantages and see great value in integrating agile hardware processes like the DragonFly 2020 to power and drive our additive electronics manufacturing process.

As for Nano Dimension, the company has been quite active lately with the opening of its second Customer Experience Center in the United States.


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