PHYTEC prints PCB prototypes in just one day

With increasing pressure to accelerate its product development cycle, German-based company PHYTEC makes use of 3D printed electronics to streamline development processes.

The truth is for most of the companies, a lot of time is wasted in design iteration cycles, hence the impact on product development process.

PHYTEC remedies this issue by providing its “ customers with highly accurate 3D-printed PCB prototypes in just one day, produced on DragonFly 2020 3D Printer from a Gerber file.” In other terms, “ design teams can get a comprehensive and intuitive review of the product at the end of each development phase, which saves time, money and improves the final product.

Thus, the creation of multiple iterations plays a key role both on quality improvement and the discovering of potential flaws which removes the risk of costly changes in the post-production stage.

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