Boeing and Oerlikon announce a partnership to develop standard materials and processes for metal-based additive manufacturing.

Image via Oerlikon – Oerlikon Balzers – Metal Forming

The Five-year agreement will enable the aerospace company and the technology and engineering group to unlock the value of powder bed titanium.

The first step of this collaboration

The two companies will first work on the ways to industrialize titanium powder bed fusion additive manufacturing. They need to ensure parts made with this technique address the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense.

In addition to address the issue of qualification of materials and processes for aerospace, Boeing and Oerlikon aim to foster the adoption of additive manufacturing with a qualified supply chain that achieves quality and cost targets.

Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO Oerlikon Group said: “This program will drive the faster adoption of additive manufacturing in the rapidly growing aerospace, space and defense markets. Working together with Boeing will define the path in producing airworthy additive manufacturing components for serial manufacturing. We see collaboration as a key enabler to unlocking the value that additive manufacturing can bring to aircraft platforms and look forward to partnering with Boeing.”

Boeing in the aerospace industry

Image via Boeing

The aerospace company has over 50,000 3D-printed parts flying on commercial, space and defense programs.

Norsk Titanium and Boeing were selected in the category of Commercial, Supplier Innovation for qualifying the first additively manufactured structural titanium parts for a commercial aircraft.

Since the creation of the Boeing Additive Manufacturing organization in 2017, the company is focused on using additive manufacturing to generate value for customers.

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