Another Russian entity debuts in the Additive Manufatcuring today: ROSATOM.Acknowledged on the world’s nuclear technology market, the company partners with Rusatom – Additive Technologies aka RusAT, an enterprise of TVEL Fuel Company to open an Additive Technologies Center (ATC) at the site of the Moscow Polymetal Plant.

This center might be the first of its kind opened by both partners but it follows the recent opening of Rusal’s Additive Technologies Center in the country. Unlike others, according to both partners, their new center would be the first operate with 100% Russian AM technologies – which will give them the opportunity to test AM technologies developed in the country and demonstrate their ability to meet the Russian market.

“It is fundamentally important that it is the first such facility in Russia operating Russian-made equipment. All of it has was developed by our engineers. The equipment of the 3D-printers was manufactured at NPO Centrotech, the complete machines have been assembled at the site in Moscow. They run on Russian software. The first installation for the production of powders for 3D-printing has been recently launched at NPO Centrotech. ROSATOM has chosen the path of developing the full product line of equipment and services for additive manufacturing, being a manufacturer and a customer at the same time. This center features a fully 3D-printed anti-debris filter for a nuclear fuel assembly. It required fewer materials than traditional manufacturing, and it has a design that would be impossible to reproduce with other methods. By introducing additive technologies in our own business, we show an example for other industries. In fact, we are creating another new industry in Russia with its own centers, expertise, staff and linked universities”, commented Natalia Nikipelova, President of TVEL JSC.

The Moscow-based ATC combines development, engineering and manufacturing. It integrates various shop-floors for 3D printers assembling, printing, post-processing, as well as the laboratory for product research and sample testing. Thus, the engineers of RusAT will be able to check the adopted design and technological solutions immediately after equipment launch and promptly make adjustments to its design.

The center is equipped with 3D printers of ROSATOM’s own design and production, such as Rusmelt 300M, Rusmelt 600M and Rusmelt 600 RM for printing with metal powders using selective laser melting technology (SLM). These printers run on Russian software and have parameters and characteristics that meet international standards. In addition, the Rusmelt 600M printer has a 600×600 mm construction area, which allows printing products with unique dimensions for the applied SLM-technology.

The second stage of the ATC facility will house complex machines for 3D printing with metal powders and photopolymers using the technologies of selective laser sintering (SLS) and Stereolithography (SLA). The range of testing and auxiliary equipment also will be expanded.

“Opening of the first Additive Technologies Center underlines the role of ROSATOM in creating a new technological paradigm in our country. This is an extraordinary milestone not just for the nuclear industry, but on a national scale as well. There is a lot of work ahead to create a whole network of such centers, primarily in the cities and regions of Rosatom enterprises operation. The next such center will be established in Novouralsk on the basis of NPO Centrotech, another enterprise of TVEL Fuel Company. We have solutions for using additive manufacturing, from separate elements of some products to essential supplies of equipment”, said Alexey Likhachev, Director General of ROSATOM.

Mikhail Turundaev, Director General of RusAT ensures that their goal is to launch a full production cycle for AM products by the end of 2021.While the AM equipment would cover the needs of customers given the current stage of the AM market, “financial indicators, after launch of the second stage, [indicate] that the planned revenue of CAT would exceed 300 million rubles by 2030.”

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