Image: Additive Flow

Additive Flow’s core technology will be integrated into Nano Dimension’s proprietary design package suite, FLIGHT.

Nano Dimension has acquired the technology and intellectual property of U.K.-based company Additive Flow, a developer of solutions for 3D design and simulation. Established in 2017, the software company turned stealth mode off in 2020 with the launch of their modular FormFlow software, a simulation software that enables to assess mechanical, thermal, thermo-mechanical properties, along with frequency and fatigue across a range of materials and processes.

Simulation algorithms and optimization capabilities are crucial for leveraging the advantages of AM. Additive Flow’s product addresses design, production, and quality decisions, while optimizing for cost, weight, manufacturing productivity, and manufacturing yield – all simultaneously.

The company’s AI and GPU (‘Graphics Processing Unit’) accelerated software will enhance the ability of Nano Dimension customers to replicate, design, and augment AME electronic components’ prototypical layouts, in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

The Additive Flow team is thrilled to join Nano Dimension. Our solution was born out of real engineering challenges we faced to harness the capability of advanced manufacturing. Our platform is built from the ground up to handle all the complex data and decisions of digital engineering, so teams can focus on their key goals. We are fortunate to have found a great partner in Nano Dimension where our innovation can be leveraged to its maximum potential. We look forward to building on our impressive track record and continuing to develop Additive Flow’s software and enhance Nano Dimension’s leading AM and AME product offerings,”Alexander Pluke, CEO/CTO of Additive Flow, enthuses.

With a customer base that operates across the Advance Optics & Optoelectronics, Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductors, Energy and Electronics, Additive Flow definitely strengthens Nano Dimension’s product development roadmap. Interesting fact, among the myriad of software companies that operate in this market, I have had a few occasions to interact with the great minds behind Additive Flow and to see the capabilities of their solution. I have no doubt they are bringing strong computer-aided engineering and design components to Nano Dimension’s portfolio and I look forward to discovering what their next chapter will look like.

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