Meet Additive Flow, a UK-based software company that develops a modular FormFlow software that aims to address the additive manufacturing challenges faced by engineers – experts or beginners -.

Established in 2017, the company officially makes its debut into the market today and comes with a strong background that might raise the interest of more than one specialist.

To give you a quick overview, it was one of 28 startups selected by StartUp Grind to join its Accelerate 2019 Program – from a Europe-wide competition of more than 3000 entrants. Additive Flow was also a finalist in the Mass Challenge Switzerland programme in Lausanne last year and, notably a winner of DSM’s “I AM Tomorrow” challenge.

Furthermore, as part of this commercial launch, Additive Flow claims to achieve several missions:

  • Put the right material, with the right properties, in the right place
  • Optimise part geometry and material properties simultaneously with multi-physics algorithms
  • Allow users to simultaneously view productivity, cost, and performance outcomes of different design/production recommendations
  • Allow for multiple materials and different geometry optimisations
  • Quickly and efficiently produces optimised production files according to multiple user-defined parameters.

“FormFlow is multi-functional software with the capability to apply multiple user-defined parameters for simultaneous geometry, process parameter and material optimisation. The dedicated, physics-driven algorithms within FormFlow do all of the complex work, and produce comprehensive and tangible results that deliver optimally performing parts cost effectively, sustainably and rapidly”, said the company in a press release.

The company plans to open up FormFlow on license later this year. In the meantime, the team is working on a project consultancy basis with a range of companies from OEMs to SMEs as well as AM ecosystem companies.

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