One month ago, we were announcing that Facebook was developing a new support for the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format so that artists and creators could easily share richer, higher-quality 3D content on Facebook from a range of diversified sources.

Among the companies that already enabled users to share that way, there is Xperia. Xperia’s users can indeed share 3D contents on Facebook via Sony’s 3D creator app. As a reminder, MyMiniFactory that already collaborates with Xperia enables 3D printer owners to search and explore through 3D printable objects, as well as to easily share and remix from Sony’s 3D Creator scanning option.

As a matter of fact, it was obvious that the 3D Printable object sharing platform would have released a feature allowing registered users to share their 3D printable designs in Facebook’s “3D Posts”, which they exactly did this month. Furthermore, it should be noted that the company is the first 3D content sharing platform to have integrated “Share as a Facebook 3D Post”.

Launched this month, users of MyMiniFactory can now take advantage of the feature to share their new or existing designs as a render on Facebook.

As a reminder, 3D posts will enable people to see and interact with a digital object from all sides in their news feed. This new upgrade of the immersive media is responsive to scroll and touch and make content pop off the screen.

Beyond the feature, users who do not have 3D printers can interact with 3D objects and share 3D printing and design. In a 3D post, designers will demonstrate the intricate design techniques or internal channels that they will have created.

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