Materialise to produce customized 3D printed footwear with HP

When we talk about 3D printed footwear, HP is one of the first brands that will come to the reader’s mind. Through its FitStation platform, HP collaborated with several companies to deliver tailor-made solutions in the footwear industry. The specialist of 3D printing collaborated with Superfeet to enable Brook Running Company to achieve its next collection of running shoes, it provides NFL players with custom cleat recommendations, and the platform will even be used in Flowbuilt Manufacturing, the first facility dedicated to mass customization of shoes.

Today, another collaboration is signed with Materialise, another provider of 3D printing solutions, that also have a certain experience in the footwear industry. Remember the collaboration with Tailored Fits, which leads to custom-fit ski boots.  On its side, the company has already support footwear brands in the automation during every step of the 3D printing process, from design to printed part. With the creation of its company Phits in 2014 (now RSPrint), Materialise, together with gait-analysis experts RS Scan, was one of the first companies on the market to create 3D-printed insoles based on dynamic measurement footscans.


Through RSPrint, the two companies will provide a 3D solution to design and manufacture fully customized 3D-printed insoles. Technically speaking, HP will integrate Materialise software for 3D design automation, print preparation and production management.

“This makes it possible and cost-effective to mass manufacture entirely individualized products. As a complementary manufacturing technology 3D Printing allows for fundamental design optimizations and functional improvements, such as lighter designs, that are impossible to create with standard manufacturing technologies.”

Such partnership will enable footwear brands to call for those companies’ expertise in order to get individualized products on-demand.

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