Flowbuilt, the Mass Customization footwear facility

Superfeet, producer of innovative insoles, aims to improve production by enabling partners to manufacture their products using new technologies including 3D printing. The specialist of insoles has opened the doors of a footwear facility in the USA. Called Flowbuilt Manufacturing, Superfeet has opened the doors of the first mass customization facility in such sector of activity.

The facility contains prototyping materials, 3D printers and machines that flex from manufacturing a single custom pair of shoes to thousands of pairs. Among the available technologies, there is the multi-section-injection (MSI) machine (the only commercially available in the US) which can customize midsole responsiveness based on an individual’s unique biometric data collected through FitStation powered by HP.

Superfeet has already experienced this platform. Remember the collaboration of the company with HP to achieve Brooks’ personalized running footwear. Brook Running Company will now take advantage of the MSI technology to deliver its running shoe on the market.

Flowbuilt also integrates a prototype lab and a 3D printing center that enable professionals to create lasts and molds faster than traditional plants.

With the opening of Flowbuilt, footwear brands across the globe have immediate access to solutions for the ever-evolving consumer market where being first-to-market is basically a mandate. By bringing together the forward-thinking minds behind some of the best-in-class brands, Flowbuilt partners have worked together as a team to discover best practices and perfect their process. With more than four decades of biomechanical experience, Superfeet’s mission to revolutionize the way people experience footwear, Superfeet made the perfect first partner.

We can’t wait for the end of the summer to see the first mass production of the facility’s 3D printed shoes.

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