MachineWorks announces the availability of example source code supporting data transfer of 3MF files

Spinal implant including surface lattice defined using 3MF Beam Lattice extension | FR: Implant vertébral comprenant un treillis de surface défini à l'aide de l'extension du treillis de faisceaux 3MF

MachineWorks, a provider of advanced 3D software engines to manufacturers and engineering software developers, has announced the availability of example source code supporting data transfer of 3MF files with Polygonica.

As a reminder, Polygonica is an engine for polygon-mesh modeling which is widely used in a range of markets, including CAD, CAM, CAE, and AM.

Whilst most existing Polygonica customers exchange data between Polygonica and the host-application using direct memory API calls, there are occasions where file transfer directly into, or from, the Polygonica libraries is necessary or convenient. The Polygonica libraries provide APIs to support direct serialisation to and from STL, and also to and from the proprietary .pgs format, which is a fast and convenient way to archive in-session data or transfer data between microservices on a scalable cloud back-end.

The focus of the core Polygonica product team remains to continue to build the best polygon modelling and mesh processing library available, suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications and markets. Whilst broad file format support is not part of this core goal, the MachineWorks’ Consulting Engineering team is tasked with making life for client software developers easier, so they can more easily and quickly test if the algorithms in Polygonica meet their requirements.

Beam Lattice extension clipped with a cube. Image: Polygonica

Due to Polygonica’s wide usage in leading Additive Manufacturing software, there have been many requests for direct support of the 3MF format. Accordingly, the Consulting Engineering team has developed a bridge between 3MF and Polygonica, which is available to customers and evaluees in unsupported source code. The bridge covers most of the core 3MF specification and the Beam Lattice extension.

The team would like to thank the members of the 3MF consortium and other contributors for providing the immensely helpful opensource lib3MF libraries on which the new example code is based. All images are based on standard examples supplied at the lib3MF github.


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