Polygonica 3.0 aims to be the “best polygon mesh modeller” for additive manufacturing, CAD, CAE, CAM and many more.

image via Polygonica

MachineWorks has released the latest version of its Polygonica tool, a general polygon mesh processing engine. As a reminder, the UK-based software company is acknowledged in a wide range of industries including dental, medical, mining and AR/VR for large capital asset industries such as BIM, offshore, plant and shipbuilding but Polygonica is its better known brand in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry.

This component for Print Preparation is also used to simulate hybrid AM processes. It works with polygon meshes and helps companies solve complex 2D and 3D geometrical problems.

Polygonica “offers unique and innovative solutions for widely required 3D operations such as Booleans, offsetting, remeshing and tolerance-based decimation. These are extremely useful for developing print-preparation functionality such as hollowing, lattice creation, support-generation, slicing, hatching and in-fill”, Sales Manager Richard Baxter told 3D ADEPT Media during an interview.

This 3.0 version comes with various upgrades that include but are not limited to:

  • Surface fitting enhancements
  • Remeshing enhancements
  • Shrink-wrapping enhancements
  • Denoising and edge enhancement for scan data
  • 3D Curve enhancements including offset curves along a surface
  • Fast clipping of 2D line segments to polygons
  • 2D medial axis computation
  • Foldover detection and removal
  • Variable surface offsetting
  • Create mesh from terrain contours
  • Reconstruct solid mesh from slices
  • Create surface mesh from curves
  • Principal axes computation
  • Curvature tensor computation
  • Surface region selection using 2D profiles
  • Mesh comparison of intersecting regions

MachineWorks has specialised in developing and advancing polygon mesh modelling technology since 1994,” says Dr Fenqiang Lin, one of the original core developers and now managing director at MachineWorks Ltd. “As a result of another year of hard work and innovation the Polygonica 3.0 release sets a new milestone in our mission to make Polygonica the very best polygon mesh modeller you can buy.

There are now over forty OEMs licensing the technology that is compatible with mechanical CAD, CAE, CAM, additive manufacturing, 3D printing and other industries we do not even imagine.

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