The Lubrizol Corporation recently announces, it has joined Ultimaker’s Material Alliance Program.

With a worldwide network that includes formulation design, manufacturing, R&D and cutting-edge technologies, Lubrizol Engineered Polymers brings more than six decades of experience in the formulation of engineered polymers. Its materials range from resins that bio-based**, recyclable*, light stable, flame retardant, adhesive, chemically resistant, optically clear to fast cycling materials.

As part of this partnership with Ultimaker, the company will be developing a new portfolio of TPU solutions, which will be made available in the Dutch 3D Printer manufacturer’s marketplace.

As part of these TPU solutions, Lubrizol is already commercializing the Estane® 3D TPU portfolio, a line of materials designed for applications in automotive, dental, sports and industrial industries.

David Pascual, global 3DP marketing manager, says “Making our TPU material profiles available via the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program will be a step forward to recognizing the partnership that the 3DP ecosystem offers. Pascual continues, “This truly upgrades the Lubrizol presence in the market alongside a reputable brand like Ultimaker. The market will benefit from a very appealing TPU portfolio, while we learn together how to serve our customers and the market. This is a great example of a collaborative approach in 3D printing.

Expanding the choice of materials available

Expanding the choice of materials available has become a major concern for 3D printer manufacturers and for material producers that want to develop new portfolios within the AM industry.

Since the launch of its Material Alliance Program, Ultimaker has welcomed several material producers across the world. In China for instance, we already count material producers such as EssentiumeSUN, and Polymaker have joined this program to support the manufacturer in this mission.

In Europe, ARMOR Group with its authentic brand KIMYA, and Dutch producer Formfutura are part of Ultimaker’s partner.

More importantly, Ultimaker is not the only manufacturer that has launched a Material Alliance Program for its 3D Printing systems. Raise3D also launched its Open Filament Program to increase accessibility of its 3D Printing systems to a wider range of materials.

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