So many elements are required to achieve the desired 3D printed part: the stages before the manufacturing process (design, simulation, etc.), the stages between the manufacturing process and the post-manufacturing stages. Each of these stages seems crucial.

Among all these steps, we observe with some kind of fascination this ability to transform the atmospheric conditions inside 3D printers to achieve a “perfect” manufacturing process.

Linde already gaveus a few examples of these possibilities and today, the supplier of industrial, process and speciality gases shared another one. This time, the company developed a new gas mixture to deliver optimal atmospheric conditions in sintering furnaces. Named ADDvance® Sinter250, the new gas mixture has been developed with Desktop Metal’s Bound Metal Deposition™ process in mind. 

The gas mixture’s key feature is to enable a perfect atmosphere in sintering furnace. Without the right atmosphere in the 3D printer, the part could oxidise, causing not only discolouration but weakening the part’s integrity. Once this perfect atmosphere in sintering furnace is maintained, the manufacturing process will deliver stronger 3D printed parts. For now, only Europe-based users of Desktop Metal’s Bound Metal Deposition™ process will benefit from the new solution.

In a press communication, the company adds that it willsupply customized installation kits to simplify implementation of Studio System, allowing for faster start times, as well as consultancy services to advise on gas supply options and best practice for cylinder storage.

As a reminder, the Studio System has been designed for offices and smaller manufacturing environments. The 3D printer is a good candidate for engineers who need to achieve prototyping and small batch production volumes.

All images via Linde – Desktop Metal Studio System

The tailored argon/hydrogen mix of ADDvance Sinter250 will be a great addition to parts produced from stainless steel powders. However, if requested, operators can also get a pure argon 5.0 gas for components they would like to produce with low alloy steel and tool steel powders.

Linde has developed a standard gas offering optimized for Studio System and is able to offer this streamlined solution to our European Desktop Metal customers,” said Arjun Aggarwal, VP of Business Development & Product. “This enables us to expand our horizons and bring added value to our business.

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