Kwambio and WeFund Ventures are involved in 3D Bioprinting of Organic Bones’ Structures

Kwambio and WeFund Ventures launch ADAM, a medical technology company that specializes in 3D bioprinting of organic bone structures.

Through this biotechnical initiative, the specialist of ceramic 3D printing, aims to develop new materials for medical 3D printing. One is a modified biopolymer based on polycaprolactone with the addition of hydroxyapatite, which has high strength and good bioresorbability. Another is a ceramic bioglass based on hydroxyapatite and borosilicate glass, which is able to react with bone tissue to effectively connect with the implant and stimulate osteogenesis.

The issue raised by organic bones’ structures

Defects in bones that do not bear direct physical exertion and perform only protective and skeletal functions (bones of the skull, upper and lower jaws), could be treated with ceramic bioglass implants, while modified biopolymer would be used for defects in tubular bones. Materials have been successfully tested at Lund University (Sweden).

“120,000 people are in the waiting list for organ transplants in the USA. Over 1 million people have the same needs all over the world. New technologies aim to solve this problem, and ADAM is the first ever opportunity to print organic bones. The key reason for us to launch this project is to help people save their lives,” says Volodymyr Usov, CEO at ADAM.

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