Kwambio raises new standards for Ceramic 3D printing

Ceramic Two

Kwambio is one of those companies that make the market believe in ceramic 3D printing. Acknowledged for its 3D printed ceramics on demand, the company also manufactures ceramic 3D printers. Until today, its flagship product was the Ceramic One, an industrial ceramic 3D printer which would be more precise than existing desktop ceramic 3D printers.

This year at CES, the New-York based company showcased a new binder jetting-based desktop ceramic 3D printer, Ceramo Zero Max ($5,000) and a new industrial 3D printer – Ceramo Two ($45,000).

The major difference between the two systems is that Ceramo Zero Max is an upgraded version of Ceramo One; it features the same technology at a smaller scale. With a build size of 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm and a resolution of 300 dpi per layer, the machine is capable to print 4 layers per second.

Ceramic zero max

For Kwambio’s CEO Vlad Usov, the objective remains the same as for the Ceramic One: enable users to print prototypes on a daily basis. Furthermore, in the printing process, the object doesn’t require glazing and firing.

As for the Ceramic Two, it is designed to meet industrial needs of companies.

Ceramic Two – images via Kwambio

The announcement of these two 3D printers is followed by two additional services: the company’s own proprietary sustainably sourced clay- and glass-based powders, (that come with a water-based binder) as well as optional equipment such as kiln ($3,000) and Depowderting station ($2,000).

Lastly, those innovations might also due to the company’s integration into Stanley+Techstars Additive Manufacturing Accelerator in Hartford. As the company said, speaking of these innovations : “That was a major push in development of a new material: a mix of ceramic powder with aluminum oxide which is used for engineering and metal casting.

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