K3D and Obasogie Okpamen win Additive Industries’ Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2019

Last month, we announced the three finalists per category of the Design Challenge organizes by Additive Industries; a manufacturer of industrial 3D Printing systems based in the Netherlands.

The winner was announced yesterday as part of the Additive World Forum the company organized. K3D and Obasogie Okpamen that respectively belonged to the professional and student categories of the challenge have won the contest.

All finalists pitched their designs in front of the 5-member jury. After deliberation they made a unanimous decision for both categories: the ‘Dough Cutting Knife’ and the ‘Twin Spark Engine Connection Rod’, were considered as thoughtful use cases of industrial 3D metal printing.

Obasogie Okpamen: the second life of cars

As a reminder, Obasogie Okpamen from Landmark University in Nigeria redesigned a connection rod for an Alfa Romeo 75 Twin Spark Turbo engine. Although the design was not completely tested yet, the Jury appointed him winner because of the example it sets.

The ugly truth is that huge amounts of used cars that are written off in Europe, are shipped to Africa to have a second life. This results in a high demand of spare parts to sustain this life. This relatively simple application shows a huge potential in the spare parts market. Additive Manufacturing allows for distributed localized manufacturing of spare parts in many more categories than the automotive after-market.

K3D and the bakery equipment

Bringing an example of metal 3D printing in a bakery is simple and thoughtful. By presenting the dough cutting knife for a bakery, K3D CTO Jaap Bulsink demonstrates how much the use of the technology in a daily-life product is blatant.

However, in addition to advantages like weight reduction, part count reduction, porous structures, integrated channels, increased performance and substantial cost reduction, what makes this case study even more interesting is the integration of mechanical parts, a spring leaf and bearing and the fact that it is completely designed for AM.

Lastly, according to Additive Industries, the porous knife blade, created by an inventive and custom parameter set, improves the functionality substantially by creating an air shield around the blade. 

All finalists received a free 1 year licence of Altair Inspire and Autodesk Netfabb software. Obasogie Okpamen, as student winner, will receive an Ultimaker 2+ printer while the team of K3D won an Ultimaker 3.

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