What can we expect from Additive World Conference 7th edition?

For the 7th time, Additive World Conference will address trends and business cases around additive manufacturing

Additive Industries will host Additive World Conference in Eindhoven (in the Netherlands) on March 20th and 21th. Alongside with participants from various fields of the industry, Dutch manufacturer of MetalFaB1 aims to address issues of the whole value chain: design for AM, materials, equipment, post processing all of them illustrated by insightful use cases. Obviously, participants will also have the opportunity to discover the organizer’s offices as well as its famous flagship product.

Given the challenges encountered by AM users, it was obvious for Additive Industries to gather specialists of the industry for a couple of days in order to enable knowledge sharing. In the end, both participants and Additive industries share a common goal: foster the learning curve and stimulate each other to bring AM to a more mature level. In this vein, we can only confirm that being in a perspective of sharing is what will make this industry goes further, not to mention partnerships and other forms of collaboration. Additive Industries is more than aware of that and will definitely contribute to the advancement of the industry.

According to Irina Schatorjé, Marketing Manager at Additive Industries, the number of visitors is growing each year. “We have an outstanding line up of speakers. For two years, we have been asked to add our own Inside Additive Industries day where we talk about the latest developments within [our company]”, explained Irina Schatorjé. That’s exactly what they did by giving the opportunity to participants to see a live demo of the MetalFAB1.

This edition will also feature the design challenge during which 121 contestants that include professionals and students, redesigned products with a wide range of benefits for industrial 3D printing.

The redesigns submitted from all over the world and across different fields like automotive, aerospace, medical, tooling, and high tech, demonstrated how product designs can be improved when the freedom of additive manufacturing is applied. This year again we saw major focus on the elimination of conventional manufacturing difficulties, minimization of assembly and lowering logistical costs. There are also interesting potential business cases within both categories”, says Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries.

The company has announced last week the 3 finalists that were selected per category:

In the professional category:

Carbon Performance Limited (the UK) stands out from the crowd by using topology optimisation to reduce weight of a load bearing component of the sports car.

K3D, a professional based in the Netherlands, improved the performance of the old design of the cutting dough knife (food tech).

While Mr. Kartheek Raghu, from the Indian company Wipro3D, distinguished himself from others thanks to the new design brought to a Cold Finger thermal trap.

In the students’ category:

Two students from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) drew attention by reducing the weight of a brake caliper by 2.61kg (a 35% weight reduction of the overall part);

Abraham Mathew from the McMaster University (Canada) introduced his Topography Optimized Cubesat Propellant Tank (space industry) to improve the stiffness of thin walled parts;

And Obasogie Okpamen from the Landmark University (Nigeria) achieved the mass and material reduction in his version of the “Twin Spark Connecting Rod” through topology optimization

Further information and technical details will be given during the conference.

It makes no doubt that this edition will bring useful tips to participants. Indeed, Additive Industries itself has improved itself throughout the past years and has succeeded in raising the industry’s attention through its achievements. This improvement is not only inherent to the company’s management but also to the way they have been organizing this conference for 7 years.

However, as Irina Schatorjé told us, the main highlight of this edition is that they will host the second day of the Conference at their new headquarters in Eindhoven, an opportunity that is definitely not to be missed!

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