We’re not done with innovations this week at Rapid + TCT. Meet FUNMAT HT 3D printer by INTAMSYS, the Shanghai-based 3D printer manufacturer.

If the manufacturer brings a significant improvement to this printer, its price does not reach $ 5000, something that will delight more than one. Such a pricing strategy aims at increasing the accessibility of the product according to the manufacturer.

For the anecdote, INTAMSYS unveiled a demo version of the 3D printer last year during the Formnext 2016 conference. Taking into account the remarks and opinions of participants, it exhibits today its improved version.

The FUNMAT HT 3D printer has a fully equipped heating chamber, a high temperature nozzle capable of heating up to 400 degrees, and a full-range functional material capability which allows to print in PEEK, PC, ULTEM (PEI), and other functional materials.

In addition, the printer has a build volume of 260 x 260 x 260 mm, a print speed of 30 to 300 mm / s. Moreover, a wide variety of materials can be used: PEEK, ULTEM, PLA, ABS, Nylon (PA), carbon fiber, TPU and PC.

INTAMSYS’s goal is to increase the use of the 3D printer in sectors such as aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

About the company’s vision on the 3D printing market and the improved FUNMAT HT 3D printer, Charles Han, CEO of the manufacturing company, affirms:

“When we started INTAMSYS three years ago, we had a long brainstorming session on what our vision and mission should be. We took stock of the industry’s past, present, and future and realized that to make 3D printing a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, we need to come up with machines that can print functional materials at affordable prices.”

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