Infinite Materials Solutions unveils new water-soluble support material, for use in FFF 3D Printing and direct pellet extrusion systems

AquaSys GP's dissolvable, hands-off support removal allows for complex design features, enabling new possibilities for everything from flightworthy plane parts to highly specific surgical molds.

The company expects AquaSys GP to appeal to a wide range of consumers, from hobbyists to seasoned professionals.

Infinite Materials Solutions, LLC (Infinite™), a company that specializes in material design for additive manufacturing, has announced the release of AquaSys® General Purpose (GP), a water-soluble support material compatible with most polyesters. The new water-soluble support material completes a portfolio that already includes AquaSys® 180, a water-soluble 3D printing support material that can withstand exceptional FDM printing conditions related to high-temperature thermoplastics.

In this case, the newly created solution serves as a direct replacement for polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and showcases outstanding performance and print fidelity with standard polylactic acid (PLA)-type build materials.

Specifically designed for use in fused filament fabrication (FFF) and direct pellet extrusion systems, AquaSys GP dissolves 20% faster in room-temperature tap water when compared with PVA, can be easily removed without any harsh chemicals, and can be printed with a wide variety of machines, including lower-cost dual extruder printers. AquaSys GP can print under challenging humidity conditions with its moisture mitigation properties and is compatible with PET, PETG, PLA, and other common materials, a press release reads.

We’ve been listening to our customers for years and have heard their frustrations with the drawbacks of PVA materials,” says Jeff Feddersen, Senior Sales Manager at Infinite. “We’re happy to finally bring them AquaSys GP. PLA comprises 70% of all build materials used in the fused deposition modeling (FDM) market—we really think this is going to change everything and become the standard by which all other support materials are judged.”

AquaSys GP joins Infinite’s line of disruptive materials: AquaSys® 120 and AquaSys® 180 water-soluble support filaments and Caverna™ PP, a polypropylene build material with a water-soluble, co-continuous, microporous morphology. 

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