Ideas of 3D customized gifts from Kodak and Samosa

Christmas is around the corner and even companies are fully aware of that. Their next activities will be dedicated to draw the public’s attention with customized gifts. Kodak and Samosa already show a few examples of what is possible using 3D technologies.

You all know Kodak, that entered the 3D printing world a year ago and that unveiled its 3D scanner built in collaboration with Twindom in January at CES 2018.

The company will use its 3D scanning technology to carry out 3D printed portraits of shoppers at Bloomingdale’s stores in San Francisco and New York City.

The promotion will be launched today and people who are interested just need to make an appointment online or just walk in.

The company explained that once customers will have entered their data, a collaborator will 3D scan them. Once he/she has approved the 3D capture, he/she will thereafter choose his/her desired size and will place an order for a 3D printed figurine.

Each order is 3D printed on a full-color 3D printer and ships in approximately 1-2 weeks. Available sizes range from 3 inches to 14 inches and pricing starts at around $69.

On the other hand, SAMOSA gives an example of how one can use a 3D software to personalize products. The company specializes in the production of interiors and wooden products in the Netherlands. From ideas to delivery, they can support customers with the realization of products.

The manufacturer has found in ZW3D CAD/CAM the appropriate software to upgrade the design and manufacturing process of its products. The most important for the founder is the possibility to recalculate its design within its first specification. “We don’t have to change the entire drawing before we are able to produce it. We only have to modify the specific values the customer wants to see,” said Guus van Driel, Founder of SAMOSA. There is no need to make a fresh start.


Kodak and SAMOSA are the first ones to show what can be done using various 3D technologies. Other companies will certainly follow the move.

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