Software company ZW3D sets a new standard for the release of ZW3D 2019 Beta. The software would facilitate the design of complex geometries in engineering and would get products into production more easily and faster.

Image via ZW3D

According to ZW3D, 4 main features enable the CAD/CAM solution to distinguish itself from others:

The user would be able to achieve complex solid modeling. With its optimized algorithms, the 2019 Beta version enables the user to achieve precise calculation.

Furthermore, the mechanical structure of an assembly can be dissociated, making it possible for users to move individual components for verifying the motion of the whole assembly. With flexible sub-assembly updates, it’s easier to verify the motion of the whole assembly to reduce errors and the time-to-market.

It should be noted that product design is also accelerated thanks to a 3D BOM table. The user can modify the attributes of any component in this table, and modify any shape. Product design is therefore not only accelerated but can be customized.

As a reminder, VoluMill remains integrated in this version in order to keep reducing cycle time. “This latest ZW3D 2019 release has packed numerous improvements based on insights and feedback from global customers. We continue to drive ZW3D forward in terms of usability, quality, productivity and budget-friendly. I bet the users can feel the differences in daily use,” said Mason Liu, Vice President of ZWSOFT.


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