Fusion3 launches REACTOR™, its new 3D Printing Software

Fusion3 releases its new REACTOR 3D printing software for use with its line of leading professional FDM 3D printers. Developed in partnership with Create it REAL, REACTOR provides Fusion3’s customers a dedicated, commercial software experience that harnesses the company’s 3D printers’ capabilities and features.

Fusion3’s REACTOR 3D printing software includes the features found in a traditional 3D printing slicer plus several unique features, including:

  • Streamlined Interface: Easy-to-use interface that guides customers through the core steps to quickly configure the optimal print settings for a successful print. Power users still have access to all the advanced features required for their needs.
  • Enhanced Print Quality: Performance optimized for Fusion3 3D printers, leveraging Create it REAL’s proprietary adaptive print algorithms to further enhance print quality.
  • ‘Modifiers’: Apply unique settings (weight, strength, and print time) to different sections of a print. The Variable Layer Thickness modifier enables users to optimize print quality in discrete sections of one’s part.
  • Built-In Certified Materials List: Customers receive real-time, online updates to Fusion3’s extensive list of optimized print settings, developed by Fusion3’s in-house testing staff, for 153 different materials from over 40 different manufacturers.
  • Online and Offline Activation Options: For customers who operate in secure offline environments (government, defense sector, etc.), Fusion3 offers a separate offline version, which does not require an internet connection to activate or maintain the software.

Fusion3 is focused on delivering affordable, high-performance 3D printers to our commercial and high-end education customers. The addition of REACTOR takes our printers’ performance to even higher levels,” said Chip Royce, Fusion3 CEO. “We are proud of our partnership with Create It REAL, and together will continue to develop a long-term roadmap of software features and capabilities to deliver the best end-to-end professional 3D printing experience.”

The two companies worked very closely together during the development of REACTOR, and were able to leverage each company’s unique technical skills and expertise. “It was clear that Fusion3 cared extensively about the experience of their customers, and through the close collaboration, we were able to synthesize that customer focus into a great solution,” said Jeremie Pierre Gay, CEO at Create it REAL.

REACTOR is now available to Fusion3 customers, bundled with the purchase of the company’s F410 3D printer and through the company’s online ‘Replacement Parts Store’. Fusion3 is also offering a free upgrade copy to original owners of its F400 and F410 3D printers.

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