With over 40 3D filaments compatible with its 3D printer, Fusion3 describes its certification process

Having the widest material choice on the additive manufacturing market has become a continuous quest for 3D printer manufacturers. In the FFF segment, Fusion3 is increasingly expanding the choice for 3D printer material compatibility.

The manufacturer of F410 3D printer now provides its customers with optimized settings for over 140 generic and specialty 3D printing filaments. The updated list of these 40+ 3D filament manufacturers includes Amazon Basics, Atomic Filament, BASF Innofil3D, Breathe3DP, BuMat, Casius Tech, COEX, ColorFabb, eSUN, Filaments.ca, Filkemp, Fillamentum, Flenstech, FormFutura, Hatchbox, IC3D, Keene Village Plastics, MatterHackers, Meltink, NinjaTech, Polymaker, Premix, Priline, Proto-Pasta, Push Plastic, Sainsmart, Taulman3D, Toner Plastics, Treed, Ultimachine, Verbatim, Ziro3D, 3D-Fuel, 3D4Makers, and 3DXTech.

Our customers use industrial plastics in their daily operations and tell us they will adopt 3D printing technologies more quickly as these plastics become available as printable filaments”, said Chip Royce, Fusion3 CEO. “Fusion3’s rigorous filament testing and certification program ensures our customers can source quality filament from manufacturers around the world, ensuring compatibility, and leveraging the development of new, innovative materials as they become available.”

Fusion3’s certification process

Before certifying a material, Fusion3 first evaluates its performance and safety. If this first step has been successful, the next step consists in creating turn-key configuration files (‘profiles’), optimized for all Fusion3 3D printers to ensure successful results in the very first print.

Fusion3 does not sell filament to our customers,” said Hayden Holleman, Senior Sales Associate and Manager of Fusion3’s Material Testing Group. “Our customers do not want to be locked into a limited selection of high-priced 3D printer filament as found with most other 3D printer manufacturers. They prefer to use their favorite brands of quality 3D printing filament and enjoy being able to select from a curated list of innovative engineering-grade materials found on our Certified Materials List, ensuring the best quality while enjoying lower costs for material.”

To participate in Fusion3’s certification program, manufacturers contact Fusion3 and request testing of currently available and pre-production materials. For pre-production materials, Fusion3 is able to provide additional value by providing feedback to fine-tune the performance of these materials and distribute configuration files to customers.

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