The F410 Professional 3D Printer, the new 3D printer of the market

The F410 is a professional 3D printer for business and education. Created by Fusion3, a manufacturer based in the USA, the 3D printer follows the successful introduction of the company’s F400 3D printer.

By launching this 3D printer, the company aims to be a game-changer on the market of industrial 3D printers that cost $20,000 to $100,000. Indeed, the company offers the new machine at $4,599 USD.

Chris Padgett, Fusion3 CEO affirms that “the F410 prints large, quality parts at fast speeds and incorporates new technologies for even greater performance, flexibility for different print scenarios, and ease of use.”

Let’s talk about the main features

What we have retained: three interchangeable print heads, performance & reliability, ‘Filament Monitoring and cleaning features and security.

Users can exploit one of three interchangeable print heads (.4MM standard, .6MM & .8MM optional) appropriate for their task. “Each printhead, based on the E3D Volcano and incorporating hardened steel nozzles, prints a wide variety of engineering-grade materials at different speeds and quality settings optimized for the customer’s desired quality and production time.”

As far as performance & reliability are concerned, it should be noted that compared to the first 3D printer, the company’s 2.0 Extruder and updated 32-bit controller allow print quality and near silent operation with the new 3D printer.

With the ‘Filament Monitoring’ feature, users can resume prints should they run out of filament or experience a print jam. Furthermore, the ‘Filament Cleaning’ feature captures any dust or contamination on the surface of the filament before it enters the print system, reducing the chance of print failures due to clogging. The F410 also features a new conductive, automatic bed leveling system that ensures the correct first layer height for every print.

As for security, many of Fusion3’s customers wish to safeguard their proprietary and sensitive 3D designs. The F410 provides increased file security, eliminating the ability of someone to walk away with files on an external SD card, by providing a second, secure, storage device embedded in the 3D printer. Users can only access the on-board storage through the F410’s password-protected network interface.


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