Admatec product 3D printed ceramics

Formatec has expanded their offering with ceramic 3D Printing services. The Netherlands-based company manufactures CIM, MIM and 3D printed products, products that have a great fit in the chemical, medical and aesthetical industries.

As far as 3D printing services are concerned, if the company is well aware of the major benefits of 3D printing that include cost and time savings as well as freedom of design and the ability to produce complex geometries, to name a few of them, it should be noted that its choice for ceramic 3D printing services is due to its expertise in Ceramic Injection Molding. As a matter of fact, it’s already been 20 years that the company has been leveraging CIM for the manufacturing of its products.

Furthermore, according to the company, properties of products manufactured with ceramic 3D printing are equivalent to Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) due to the use of equal raw material.

The addition of 3D printing to their scope of services enables the company to offer five different ways to shape ceramics, suited to the customers’ need to choose the best fit depending on quantity, investment and lead time. “When application rules over design, 3D printing surely is your way to go”, said the company.

However, despite the main advantage of Formatec – which is its expertise in CIM – , it should be noted that, apart from manufacturers of ceramic 3D printers such as Admatec, XJET, Tritone, Ackuretta or Tethon 3D, there are only a few number of players that provide ceramic 3D printing services. They include Alumina Systems, and Kwambio to name a few of them. Reasons obviously vary from one to another but, Formatec is determined to change the vision of this controversial technology.

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