In July 2018, Norsk and QuesTek announced their collaboration to optimize QuesTek titanium alloy for additive processes.

QuesTek Innovations LLC specializes in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). The company has been involved in >40 projects to resolve materials issues across various alloy systems in additive manufacturing (Al, Mg, Cu, Fe, Co, Ni and Ti) to improve component performance by modifying chemical compositions and optimizing the heat treatments, or designing entirely new alloys.

Aerospace specialists know Norsk Titanium as the supplier of additively manufactured components. The manufacturer has successfully printed QuesTek’s custom titanium wire, following initial material properties testing.

The highest performance condition was a basic one-hour solution treatment where an average Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) of 147 ksi and an average elongation of 18% was measured. This represents an increase in both strength and elongation, while maintaining fatigue performance, over standard Ti-6Al-4V.

QuesTek’s high-performance titanium alloy provides an opportunity for Norsk’s customers to optimize components printed with Norsk Titanium’s RPD™ process and opens doors for new applications, said Norsk Chief Technology Officer Carl Johnson.

The typical Ti-6Al-4V microstructure shows an α structure consisting of packets of parallel α laths, while the QuesTek’s titanium alloy is an α’ martensitic structure with a “basket weave” morphology of martensitically-formed α’ plates. The non-parallel and refined nature of the plate martensite structure in QuesTek’s alloy is believed to be responsible for the increased strength and toughness compared to coarser, parallel α laths of Ti-6Al-4V. QuesTek’s alloying element contributes an enhanced response to heat treatment, beneficial for both strength and elongation properties.”

Both companies do not intend to stop here. We can expect further additional testing on the new alloy.

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