First approach to the mass production of 3D Printed houses in Saudi Arabia

CCC: 3D Printed Homes set to become mass production solutions

It’s still too early to provide an in-depth analysis of the 3D printing market in Saudi Arabia. However, first observations show that the construction sector seems to hold a largest market share in the region, compared to other sectors where 3D Printing can be applied.

CCC: 3D Printed Homes set to become mass production solutions

The National Housing Company in Saudi Arabia recently commissioned Consolidated Contractors Company and CyBe, a technology construction company so that they can provide a prototype that will enable authorities to envision the transformation of the housing industry using 3D printing technology.

CyBe already has a certain experience in this region, so the company will know how to overcome issues related to the environment.

The National Housing Company wants to meet the demands on both local and global sales. This project is the first one to integrate 3D printing as the main construction method, therefore bringing to the forefront approaches such as load bearing walls and complete MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) integration while printing.

Experts could therefore determine if 3D printing is a realistic adoption in mainstream construction. The Prototype took 3D Printing from an ‘abstract future vision’ through to real-life implementation as a mainstream solution.

A commitment to Saudization?

Consolidated Contractors Company were also committed to Saudization – Saudi nationals were trained in the 3D printing approach and associated processes, with the aim to be involved in future phases. All finishing material used to complete the project was acquired locally from Saudi suppliers and local industry.

The purpose of the initiative was to build a demo housing unit, demonstrating the capabilities of 3D printing technology and to investigate its potential benefits to the housing market.

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