In Dubai, the 3D printing company CyBe Construction realized a laboratory for research and development of drones in only three weeks for the Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

This ​​168 square meters area is the masterpiece of the CyBe RC 3Dp machine. The Dutch-speaking company wanted to have a reliable method of 3D concrete printing with this machine.

For now, all features of the printer are not yet available. However, we already know, it has a rubber wheel track.

If this project is part of Dubai Vision 2030, to use 3D printing in 25% of its buildings, notice is to be made that it is the very first laboratory which has been fully printed on site in the world. Print 3D therefore involved the construction of the inner and outer walls separately before 3D printing of small parapets.

Such as Apis Cor in Russia, the construction company took into account the weather conditions of the luxurious city.