First 3D printed bus stop is constructed in Jinshan Garden, China

Winsun, specialist of 3D printing in construction and architecture achieved a 3D printed bus shelter in an ancient town. The company recycles building waste and reuses in other construction works.

The 3D printed bus was manufactured using the Yingchuang Building Technique of Winsun. It was printed in the industry garden and then was shipped to bus line. People used it just after the installation.

Built within one night,3D printing bus stop is a close-loop design, located in country roads. On the surface of the frame, there are traces of original “inks” made by 3D printing machine ink nozzles. It is said that the gray “ink” trace is a mean to express nature… The raw materials of gray traces comes from recycled waste materials, which is integrated with Fengjing ancient town.”

The funny part is that, at first sight, passengers did not think it was a bus shelter.

Other perspectives for Winsun

During a press conference, the company declared that it plans to construct a 3D printed village office, multi-functional space, coffee shop, hotel, public toilet, bank self-service kiosk, co-habitational house and police post.

All images via Winsun

Technology city combines life, production and ecology perfectly, changing the construction mode of traditional industries and cities.

We are committed to achieving perfect integration between industry, culture and art,” said Ma Yihe, founder of Winsun. “Winsun aims to benefit people with technology innovation and it is committed to achieving this mission.


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