The FARO® SCENE 7.0 software platform has recently been made available to users and now integrates real time, on-site registration for FARO Focus Series Scanner 3D point clouds.

FARO is a specialist of 3D measurement and imaging solutions. Its solutions meet the needs of several industries including architecture, engineering, construction and public safety; in other terms, any industry where there is a crucial need for capturing/scanning, analyzing and enhancing 3D data. According to a research, the company is mentioned among those who distinguish themselves in the 3D scanning market.

The unique value of SCENE 7.0

Unlike its predecessor, SCENE 6.2, SCENE 7.0 includes automatic object recognition, scan registration and position in addition to real time and on-site registration aforementioned.

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Those who were used to SCENE 6.2 will agree with the fact that the process of taking an actual scan in the field, transferring that scan to a computer workstation/PC to start using the data was a three-step process.

The project 3D scan data was stored on physical SD cards at the project site. Then the user would bring the SD card to the office and physically insert the SD card into a workstation/PC for download.  Finally, the scans, once all loaded from the SD cards, would be registered (i.e., logically integrated into a cohesive set of data points on the computer workstation/PC in the office and then the data would finally be ready for use).

With the new platform, the 3D scan data is easily performed through Real time, on-site registration whether it be from a single scan or multiple scans in process simultaneously. It is afterwards wirelessly transmitted (no SD cards are needed for example) to an onsite computer workstation/PC in real time.

Furthermore, the scans are automatically aligned on the workstation/PC computer in real time. Major benefits therefore include improved productivity and enhanced confidence.

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Indeed, on the one hand, in-office data processing has been dramatically reduced and, in some cases, eliminated altogether. Users come back to the office with a registered product and can get to work immediately.”

On the other hand, users of FARO’s scanners can now preview scans while verifying that all the project’s requirements have been met and carrying out necessary adjustments where required.

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