Insight of the 3D scanning market: What are the main applications and challenges?

3D scanning market is also a very growing market in the 3D industry. Those technologies are expected to transform the design-to-manufacturing processes across several applications.

In terms of application, the adoption of this 3D technology is increasing in the fields of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Indeed, 3D scanning technologies can bring visual effects CGI creation and scanning of real worlds locations which is a true added-value for some industries. The latter group includes the entertainment & media industry, scanning of sports venues and development of video games, architecture and construction, aerospace and heritage preservation.

How are 3D scanning technologies used across these sectors of activity?

First of all, as you may guess, there are different ranges of 3D scanners (short, medium and long) and different types of 3D products (Laser Scanner, Structured Light Scanner and Optical Scanner).

The success of 3D laser scanners would be due to the main features (high degree of accuracy and real-time visualization). In general, the technology enables to improve data collection and project outcomes.

Short range scanners are widely used when the distance between the object to be scanned and the scanner is less than one meter.” In automotive and healthcare segments, precision is very important, therefore, this type of 3D scanner is the most convenient.

In industrial manufacturing, this technology enables high precision measurement and defect detection before mass manufacture of products. Automotive designing and manufacturing, material processing and plant inspection applications facilitate the adoption of the 3D scanning in industrial manufacturing.


Challenges are first of all due to the wide range of companies specialized in this sector. Indeed, a great number of companies did not miss the opportunity to set out a business within this industry given the number of applications of the technology.

Basis Software Inc, 3D Digital Corp., Steinbichler, 3D Systems, Ametek, Hexagon AB, Creaform, FARO Technologies, Inc and Autodesk Inc. are some companies that distinguish themselves among others in this industry.

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Furthermore, growing end-user preferences, and availability of cost-effective alternatives to the technology are also some of the difficulties encountered by manufacturers.

Last, the market is expected to exceed USD 10 billion by 2024; according to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.


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