Fansea uses Mimaki 3D printing technology to make real world 3D printed collectibles

EN: 3D assets creator Fansea used Mimaki 3D printing technology to make 3D printed collectibles like boots, t-shirts. Image Credits: Fansea FR: Le créateur d'actifs 3D Fansea a utilisé la technologie d'impression 3D Mimaki pour créer des objets de collection imprimés en 3D comme des bottes et des t-shirts. Crédits image : Fansea

The 3D asset creator company  Fansea used  Mimaki 3DUJ-553 3D printing technology to make 3D printed collectibles from the virtual world. 

The company was created in 2020 by Alexander Schlicher who combined his interest in cryptocurrency, innovation and football to change the digital world of collectibles with web3 and Metaverse. Fansea operates entirely in the digital world and allows sports fans and gamers to own digital versions of iconic artifacts by scanning and digitalizing real world sports objects.

The gamers could only keep the digital version of the collectible in the virtual space and create their own digital avatar of it and trade it in NFT marketplaces. But with the addition of 3D printing, collectors can get 3D printed collectibles. 

Fansea made 3D printed collectibles of different sporting moments from history including Argentina’s winning team t-shirts from the 2022 Qatar World Cup and German Olympian Sabrina Mockenhaupt’s running shoes. In 2020, Mixed Dimensions used the Mimaki 3D printing technology to build a gaming merchandise factory for the future. The concept is a little bit different from the one of Fansea but the goal is almost the same: using 3D printing to introduce the world to its physical self by bridging the digital and analog divide with engaging emotional experiences. 


Mini 3D printed collectible boxing boots. Image Credits : Fansea

Making detailed 3D printed collectibles 

The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 technology enables 3D printing of the accessories provided by DP Solutions. It’s a color 3D printer having 10 million colors at its disposal. As a reminder, the Mimaki UV-curable inkjet 3D printer can create highly detailed complex models in various sizes – from a 3D mini-print to full size which is crucial for collectibles. 

Speaking about the technology, Fansea founder Alexander Schlicher said : “We wanted something like the replicator from Star Trek. We tried other 3D printers on the market, but Mimaki’s quality was by far the best. While we could have had our items printed cheaply and in larger qualities, our focus is on creating bespoke high-quality collectibles for our customers, so it was important that we had the quality that only Mimaki were able to deliver.” 

3D printed collectible shoes made with Mimaki 3D printing technology

The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 printer eliminated the inaccuracies of other systems and was less time-consuming. It helped to bring out the individual details of each item exactly how it is shown on the screen. Fansea could capture minute dirt spots, crinkle and tear on World Cup-winning team shirts through it. 

Fansea got the gaming IP license to mass produce these 3D printed collectibles for a particular team or event and then they identified the item of interest – boots, medals, t-shirts to print them. Following this step, the object is scanned to create a 3D digital asset which is sent to the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 printer for printing. 

Every 3D printed collectible is printed with a water-soluble support material so that high levels of detailing can be done without any breakage. It also enables easy removal of defects. 

After the initial 3D printing, the 3D printed collectibles are treated  with pigmented photo-polymer resin and protective lacquer to make it durable and give it a high-quality finish. Each collectible item comes with a certificate of authenticity from Fansea 

“With significant developments in the digital space, aspects like video games are becoming more and more realistic, so the gap between the analogue and digital is much smaller than it once was. By producing physical artifacts, we are helping bringing consumers even closer to their digital belongings,” said Schlicher.

Apart from this, the Frankfurt based company helps companies to enhance their digital presence and rebuild websites in the Metaverse which is the future of the digital world. 

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