To build the merchandising factory of the future, Mixed Dimensions benefits from Mimaki’s 3D printing technology and equity investment

Mixed Dimensions and Mimaki Engineering Co., LTD will implement a global strategic partnership in the areas of 3D printing, modeling services and 3D software. 

Mixed Dimensions aims to build the merchandising factory of the future, and expands the market of full-color 3D custom game collectibles. 

Mixed Dimensions, Inc. (Mxd3D) is a California-based 3D Printing technology, that develops two software platforms as its core technology: GamePrint and MakePrintable. These platforms enable gaming companies and other developers of digital intellectual property to offer full-color, 3D printed versions of their core assets. Products are manufactured in San Mateo and shipped to customers worldwide. 

Tom Kalinske, Executive Chairman of the Mixed Dimensions board, said: “We are very excited to welcome Ikeda-san as an independent director.  Mimaki is the clear leader in full-color 3D printing, and we are proud to have them as a strategic partner and investor.” 

Mimaki therefore provides Mixed Dimensions with its 3D Printing technology and equity investment.

Mixed Dimensions is building the merchandising factory of the future to meet the growing global demand for personalized collectible objects,” said Mo Taslaq, CEO.

John Vifian, Mixed Dimensions’ President and COO, added, “Our experience working with Mimaki Engineering has been extraordinary. Working closely together, we have unlocked manufacturing capabilities that were heretofore simply impossible, and what we have already achieved is only the beginning.

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