F1 team of Alfa Romeo Racing & Additive Industries deepen their collaboration: 1,2,3,4 MetalFAB1

Only two years ago we announced the technology partnership at Rapid.Tech and bought two MetalFAB1 systems that would be extended to two 6 module systems in three years. In the mean time we have accelerated the upgrade, installed a third system and now ordered a fourth one, all in two years’ time. In parallel we are expanding our in-house capabilities with post-process machining and HIPing”, said Christoph Hansen, Head of Technical Development at Sauber Engineering AG.

99 GIOVINAZZI Antonio (ita), Alfa Romeo Racing C38, action during 2019 Formula 1 championship at Melbourne, Australia Grand Prix, from March 14 to 17 – Photo Florent Gooden / DPPI

Finding the technology that best meets a company’s needs looks like an uphill battle. That’s why when an industrial acquires one, two, three…four additive manufacturing systems, it reflects confidence and quality of a manufacturer’s technology. That’s why a few weeks ago, we talked about GE Additive being the winning team of Zenith Technica. Today, we share a similar story with different characters.

F1 team of Alfa Romeo Racing (Sauber Group) & Additive Industries deepen their collaboration. Sauber Group has ordered its 4th multi-module, 4-laser MetalFAB1 Productivity system. This acquisition therefore makes Sauber Engineering the largest customer of Additive Industries with high productivity metal 3D printing capacity in stainless steel, aluminium and titanium, not to mention their goal to stay ahead of the curve in industrial 3D metal printing in Europe.

Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries, added: “Our installed base is growing fast, not only with new customers in our core markets like aerospace and the automotive industry but also through existing customers like Sauber Engineering, who are advancing to become one of the leading companies in industrial 3D printing in Europe, ramping up production. Although most users of metal additive manufacturing are still applying prototyping systems, we see an increasing number of companies concluding they need dedicated systems for series production. Our modular MetalFAB1 family is the only proven system on the market today designed for this use. We are grateful and proud to be technology partner to Sauber Engineering and the F1 team of Alfa Romeo Racing.”

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