As seen in the dossier of the previous issue of 3D Adept Mag, until the early 2010s, ExOne was one of the first companies to offer metal binder jetting services and systems. In almost two decades, the company has kept innovating and delivering new products to the additive manufacturing market.

Only this year, the manufacturer shook the industry with the release of new industrial 3D printers including the S-MAX Pro™ Industrial 3D Sand Printer and collaborations intended to advancing 3D Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing.

The company is now making a real splash with its tenth and largest metal 3D printer to date: the X1 160PRO.

Our technology roadmap has been leading us to this machine for more than two decades,” said John Hartner, ExOne CEO. “At the same time, the X1 160PRO was also designed in response to growing demand from automotive, defense and aerospace customers. We’re incredibly proud of what this model means for the future of metal 3D printing and sustainable production of large metal parts without design limitations.”

The new X1 160PRO metal 3D printer

The system integrates a build volume of 800 x 500 x 400 mm, with 160 liters of total build volume. In other terms, the platform is large enough to produce investment cast parts leveraged in demanding industries.

Interestingly, unlike other systems, the new industrial metal platform integrates an open material system that can print 3D printing six qualified metals, including the popular stainless steels 316L, 304L and 17-4PH, as well as some ceramics, into dense and reliable final parts using ExOne’s exclusive Triple Advanced Compaction Technology (ACT) system.

The manufacturer talks about print speeds topping 10,000 cm3/hour. It goes without saying that this speed depends on the print material used. It also features Industry 4.0 cloud connectivity and process-linking capabilities enabled by Siemens MindSphere.

As a reminder, both companies are already working together to include the latest Siemens’ Digital Enterprise Portfolio of software and automation technology into ExOne’s recently released S-Max Pro™.

The X1 160PRO joins ExOne’s growing family of metal 3D printers. It is slated to ship in late 2020.

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