Evonik & Farsoon deepen their collaboration in powder-based 3D printing to enable large-scale industrial applications

Fan manufactured by additive manufacturing with Farsoon’s machine and Evonik's high performance polymer PA 613. | French: Ventilateur fabriqué par fabrication additive à partir de la technologie de Farsoon en polymère haute performance PA 613 d'Evonik

With the goal of providing more access to new large-scale industrial applications in the higher temperature range, Evonik and Farsoon have deepen their collaboration in powder-based 3D printing.

The expert in polymer-based 3D printing materials has already tested the polymer powder INFINAM® PA 6005 P (polyamide 613) with high temperature resistance on Farsoon’s SLS 3D printers. The ST252P and HT403P series machines from the Chinese 3D printer manufacturer successfully processed Evonik’s powder.

INFINAM® PA 6005 P is part of the specialty chemicals company’s polyamide 6 series. With its nearly round grain shape, the high-performance powder integrates high mechanical strength, high chemical and temperature resistance, and low water absorption – below 3 %.

According to the materials’ expert, it delivers a positive effect on processability during the 3D printing process and good dimensional stability to the printed component. 3D printed components made with that material integrate high stiffness and mechanical stability, even in thin-walled constructions.

Close collaboration between material and machine manufacturers is essential to open up new 3D applications. The results of our test series are clear: INFINAM® PA 6005 P with its higher melting point of 215 °C can not only be excellently processed on Farsoon’s ST252P and HT403P machines, but also recycled. We used our synergies to develop a market-ready system solution,” says Wolfgang Diekmann, Director Research, Development & Innovation Additive Manufacturing at Evonik. 

If you are not familiar with this series of machines from Farsoon, then note that the industrial AM machines’s configuration options can reach process chamber temperatures of up to 220 °C (HT) or up to 280 °C (ST). This means that operators will benefit from enhanced thermal controls, temperature-protected components and open parameters, which are necessary for the development of high-performance polymers such as Evonik’s PA 613. Furthermore, embedded high-speed scanners and lasers enable to control the printing process and to achieve high productivity, very much required in series applications.

Farsoon HT403P

 “We are very pleased to be able to offer further opportunities to the additive manufacturing market by proactively supporting new applications in the higher temperature range,” says Dr. Dirk Simon, Managing Director of Farsoon Europe GmbH and responsible for polymer material topics in Farsoon’s Global Management Team. “The excellent compatibility of our SLS machines with Evonik’s polymer powders, as well as the very interesting property profile of PA 613 components, form important foundations for our customers’ market success.”

Although 3D printer manufacturer Farsoon is at the heart of this collaboration, it should be noted that the powder’s ability to enable flowability and application properties makes it a good option for all powder-based 3D printing technologies. 

However, Evonik confirms that a proprietary procedure is required to produce the high-temperature material at the company’s Marl site.

In the 2021 March-April issue of 3D ADEPT Mag – Focus ON YOU Series (pp.21-23), Evonik told 3D ADEPT Media that one of their primary goals for this year was to develop “ready-to-use” high-performance materials that can meet the requirements of various technology lines. Since the beginning of this year, the specialty chemicals company has already introduced 2 different materials, a PEEK filament and a new product line of polymer resins which confirms its willingness to stick to this strategy. The polyamide 613 is the third release of this year and something tells me that more materials are around the corner.

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