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Industries that seek to achieve high toughness and impact-resistant 3D parts might find this new product line suitable for their production

Following the recent launch of its PEEK filament for industrial 3D printing applications, Evonik continues to unveil its in-house developments with two photopolymers for industrial 3D printing applications. Named INFINAM® TI 3100 L and INFINAM® ST 6100 L, the new materials are commercialized under a new product line of polymer resins suitable for use in liquid-based additive manufacturing technology. VAT polymerization technologies that will process the two ready-to-use high-performance photopolymers include SLA and DLP technologies.

With the new product line, we are entering the market-relevant photopolymer technology stream, strengthening our long-term market position as materials experts for all major polymer-based 3D printing technologies,” says Dr. Dominic Störkle, head of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Growth Field at Evonik. “With the new ready-to-use formulations, we are also continuing our materials campaign and driving industrial-scale 3D printing as manufacturing technology along the entire value chain.

The product line is designed for industries seeking to achieve high toughness and impact-resistant 3D parts in their portfolio.

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Specifications of each polymer resin

INFINAM® TI 3100 L – das erste Hochleistungsmaterial aus der Produktfamilie der Photopolymere INFINAM® TI 3100 L – the first high-performance material of Evonik’s photopolymer product family

According to the materials producer, the INFINAM® TI 3100 L polymer resin provides a new standard for additive manufacturing of industrial components using VAT polymerization technologies. The expert explains that its impact resistance measured on printed components is 30 J/m3 with a high elongation at break of 120 percent; which means that operators can achieve parts that withstand strong impact or that deliver permanent mechanical effects such as pressing or impact. The material can also meet the needs of parts that require strong mechanical loads.

In this vein, it would be a great fit for applications that range from industrial, consumer goods to automotive parts.   

As far as the second material is concerned, its formulation paves the way to applications that require high strength polymer resins. With a tensile strength of 89 MPa, flexural stress of 145 MPa and HDT of 120 °C, the INFINAM® ST 6100 L is an ideal choice for parts that need to withstand high temperature and high mechanical strength.

With INFINAM® TI 3100 L and INFINAM® ST 6100 L we have brought the group’s first photopolymer materials for additive manufacturing to market maturity. In doing so, we draw on the enormous chemical expertise of our researchers in component development and formulation. On this basis, we can offer the market a unique product with excellent properties and help our customers to conquer new application areas,” says Dr. Rainer Hahn, Head of Evonik’s photopolymer market segment in the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Growth Field.

In the March/April issue of 3D ADEPT Mag, Evonik has shed light on its World of “Infinite 3D Printing Applications”. The specialty chemicals company is currently undertaking a number of developments for “ready-to-use” high-performance materials that could be processed by a wide range of AM technologies. This new product line of polymer resins is definitely not the last release we will see from the company this year.

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