EOS unveils its highest strength aluminium alloy for Additive Manufacturing at formnext 2021

Image EOS - Part produced with the new alloy

Aluminium alloys continue to gain momentum across metal 3D printing applications as industrials are continuously looking for materials that could reach the most elevated temperatures while withstanding corrosion.

Besides Oerlikon AM’s release of its new high entropy alloy, industrial machine manufacturer EOS releases EOS Aluminium Al2139 AM. Described as the company’s highest strength AM aluminum alloy, the material delivers outstanding performance in elevated temperatures up to 200ºC.

Its increased strength properties provide more room to a drastic reduction of weight in 3D printed parts without jeopardizing strength or quality.

At a post-processing level, EOS explains that during the heat-treatment stage, Al2139 AM can achieve a yield and tensile strength around 500 MPa (megapascal). Its high strength at elevated temperatures up to 200 °C and good corrosion resistance make it easy to conduct simple single-step heat treatment procedure, therefore to save up to 88 percent in active heat treatment time –Not to mention that parts produced using EOS Aluminium Al2139 AM can also be electropolished and anodized.

“The combination of lightweight and strength properties of EOS Aluminium Al2139 AM, make it suitable for a range of high performance and demanding applications such as aviation, transportation, racing and the space industries, while also offering flexibility and improved material and production cost management to the contract manufacturing sector. The EOS Aluminium Al2139 AM material and process for the EOS M 290 has a planned release in Q1/2022, with other EOS DMLS® systems coming soon as well”, the company notes.

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