€18m to expand Irish 3D printing capabilities

€18 Million. The total amount that will be spent in Ireland by Henkel, specialist in chemistry and consumer goods. Its strategic predicts the opening of 3D printing hub in Tallaght, Dublin.

Henkel in the Republic of Ireland

With offices worldwide, about 400 people are working for Henkel and this is likely to increase given the plan of the company to open this hub.

According to the company, the hub will include 700 square meters of laboratories, customer service offices, meeting rooms and additive manufacturing facilities.

Resins, first objective of the facilities

Henkel’s 3D printing centers will firstly develop new resins for the industrial market and will provide support with clients in their purchase of 3D printers. This is not really a surprise because, in addition to be a reseller for brands such as HP, remember the company also specializes in the manufacturing of materials for industrials.

The cluster of leading medtech, aerospace and other industries using 3D printing, made Ireland a natural choice to create a regional hub for Europe,” added Henkel’s technology centre director, Dr Matthew Holloway.

Furthermore, even though we are not experts in politics, we do know that with the Brexit, the business economy of a certain number of countries surrounding the UK has been affected including Ireland. 3D printing seems to be a field that still brings up the economy of this country since more and more initiatives and investments are being made there.

Other companies have already seized this opportunity to invest in the country and this is certainly not the end.

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