Last month, 3D Systems and GF Machining Solutions announced a partnership to address the issues raised by additive and subtractive manufacturing processes. Both companies unveiled at IMTS 2018 DMP Factory 500, a customizable solution that might transform metal manufacturing.

The DMP Factory 500 solution is a scalable manufacturing system designed to help metal manufacturers simplify their workflow to build higher quality seamless metal parts up to 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm with lower total cost of operation. (3D Systems)

The DMP Factory 500

The DMP Factory 500 is designed to revolutionize metal fabrication through simplified workflows to build higher quality seamless metal parts up to 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm with lower total cost of operation.

The solution integrates five specific modules: Printer Module (PTM), Removable Print Module (RPM), Powder Management Module (PMM), Transport Module (TRM) and Parking Module (PAM).

According to the companies, the machine can work with all types of metal 3D printing and powder management modules to maximize uptime, throughput and operational value. The ability for a manufacturer to create a custom solution – matching the number and type of modules required for their production workflow – helps maximize their investment, while the integrated automation minimizes manual processes to reduce total cost of operation.

In addition, the DMP Factory 500 system includes seamless data connectivity with all major ERP systems to facilitate supply chain optimization.

The contribution of each company

GF Machining Solutions’ System 3R referencing and clamping system have been integrated into the DMP Factory 500. Indeed, zero-point clamping enables optimal positioning of the build plate, facilitating a quick transition from the 3D printer to post-processing steps. This feature enables to save time and provides enhanced flexibility by quickly transitioning the build plate from the additive process and sending it downstream for post-processing, saving significant time and money.

As for 3D Systems, the manufacturer integrates 3DXpert to manage the 3D printing workflow from design to manufacture.

Combining 3D Systems’ and GF Machining Solutions’ sales and support networks, DMP Factory 500 customers will have access to a distribution network operating in more than 50 countries. In addition to local technical support, customers will have access to metals manufacturing applications experts at Customer Innovation Centers (CICs) in Leuven, Belgium; Denver, Colorado and Stabio, Switzerland. Customers will be able to collaborate with application engineers in these locations to optimize their DMP Factory 500 system to meet their unique business needs.

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