Last week, Desktop Metal filed a lawsuit against Markforged claiming that the carbo fiber 3D printing specialist reproduced DM-patented technologies on the Metal X 3D printer.

The lawsuit occurred after Desktop Metal announced it has secured a total of $277 million in financing. Anyway, it is intriguing to read Desktop Metal affirmed that one of its interns would have revealed confidential information to his brother Abraham Parangi who happens to be the Technology & Creative Director at Markforged.

As a reminder, Desktop Metal received approval for those two patents Nos. 9,815,118 and 9,833,839 in 2017 but the information was released in January 2018. The manufacturer used this technology in its Studio System.

Regarding this affair, Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop affirmed: “Metal 3D printing is an exciting, quickly growing, and rapidly evolving industry and, as a pioneer in the space, Desktop Metal welcomes healthy and vibrant competition. When that competition infringes on our technology, however, we have a duty to respond. We believe Markforged products clearly utilize technology patented by Desktop Metal and we will do what is necessary to protect our IP and our company.

3D Printer  Markforged Metal X – image via Markforged

It should be noted that Markforged on its side denies those allegations. Greg Mark, founder and CEO of Markforged, wrote a letter to give his point of view:

I founded Markforged in my kitchen six years ago. I dreamt of giving every engineer the ability to 3D print real, functional, mechanical parts. We invented something that had never existed before – a continuous carbon fiber 3D printer. Our Metal X product is an extension of that platform.

We’ve come a long way. We now have the most advanced technology platform in 3D printing, and I’m incredibly proud of what our team of engineers have accomplished.

On Monday, a competitor filed a lawsuit against us, including various far-fetched allegations. Markforged categorically denies these allegations and we will be formally responding shortly in our own court filing.

Markforged is a thriving business with a dedicated team of passionate people, and we’re going to continue to execute and deliver amazing products to our customers.

We will have a close look at this story… #StayTuned

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