Desktop Metal has been granted patents for its metal 3D printing support removal technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company created an interface layer technology for both its Studio System™, a metal 3D printing system for rapid prototyping, and Production System™, a 3D printing system designed for mass production of high resolution parts.

As a company driven by invention, we are committed to both innovating and protecting our technology through strategic intellectual property achievements,” said Jonah Myerberg, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Desktop Metal. “The technological innovation in these patents enables users, for the first time, to print large metal parts with complex geometries that can be easily removed from their support structures by hand or to print metal objects with separable interlocking structures.

As far as U.S. patents are concerned, it must be said that No. 9,815,118 and No. 9,833,839 take in charge the separable support layer technology used in the Desktop Metal Studio System and in its Production System, which is scheduled to begin shipping in late 2018.

Myerberg explained that traditional laser powder bed methods for metal additive manufacturing can only be used with single materials and are both difficult and costly to implement. However, the new approaches for metal AM of the company today allow multiple materials to be used during printing. This makes it possible to print support structures that do not bond to parts and consolidate during sintering with the part and, as a result, high dimensional accuracy is achieved, and support structures are easily removed by hand.

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