Covestro to mass produce Carbon’s 3D Printer resin

As Carbon’s 3D Printer line has increased and more customers are taking advantage of its digital manufacturing, Covestro has been chosen as a key partner in the mass production of the Silicon Valley-based company liquid resin.

Acknowledged among the largest polymer companies, Covestro is a partner of choice in the scale-up and high-volume production of the polyurethane liquid resin. The company has already worked with other companies of the industry including Polymaker and has marked a milestone with the creation of individual prototypes with a shock absorber created using 3 materials in 3 different 3D printing processes.

Carbon on the other side is known for its Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology, which can accelerate the production of parts up to a hundredfold compared to previous processes. The company had revealed plans to improve all aspects of digital manufacturing and its materials portfolio is certainly part of it.

Suitable materials for mass production

Manufacturing using DLS technology is up to 100 times faster than with stereolithography, another important prerequisite for industrial mass production.

That’s why, it is crucial to combine software, hardware, and materials in a proprietary process; a process that imparts the desired technical and mechanical properties to the finished parts.

“Our biggest challenge in the upscaling of additive manufacturing until series production lies in the supply of suitable materials in the required quality and quantity,” explains Patrick Rosso, global head of additive manufacturing at Covestro. “By partnering with companies like Carbon, we are pushing existing scale boundaries and supporting various industries along the value chain on their way to digital mass production.”

DLS™ technology developed by Carbon, is now being used for the first time on a large scale and we can’t wait to see the first parts that will be produced with Covestro’s materials.

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