Polymaker and Covestro introduce two products for FFF printing

Image via polymaker

Polymaker and Covestro launch two new TPU- based 3D printing materials. As part of “Polymaker industrial” ‘s variety of materials, the Shanghai-based company developed the U1000 and U0174D materials by making use of Covestro’s thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resins. Covestro is the German supplier of premium polymers.

The U1000 and U0174D materials

With its high Young’s modulus, U1000 offers a similar stiffness than PC or PS polymers. As for U0174D, it is a flexible material with a high fracture toughness. Its surface particularities will make you recall semi-crystalline plastics such as PPL.

Even though those new materials are TPUs, they do not necessarily have the traditional soft and rubbery specificities of the polymer. They rather integrate the characteristics of engineering plastics, which serve for production of durable parts including tools, molds, jigs, fixtures and structural components.

Image via polymaker

A quality 3D printing, the ultimate goal

As a reminder, the goal of Polymaker is to deliver advanced materials, additive manufacturing technologies, and design to meet the needs of industries.

The company affirms in that context that these new materials will deliver effective mechanical strength, layer adhesion, and heat resistance.

Furthermore, the U1000 and U0174D would 3D print objects “under mild conditions on almost any thermoplastic-extrusion based 3D printer.

Image via polymaker

This objective is completely shared by Covestro. Yvonne Wang, Business Development Manager for Additive Manufacturing at Covestro declared: “Polyurethane is an incredibly versatile chemistry that can be used to create almost endless possibilities in materials.”


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