Over $260M in Funding Round, Carbon is uniquely positioned to excel

Carbon proves that “additive manufacturing in larger scale production is becoming a reality across industry sectors.”

Carbon has raised over $260 million in growth funding co-led by Madrone Capital Partners and Baillie Gifford. US-based company has revealed plans to improve all aspects of digital manufacturing and to accelerate its global expansion.

The company will open its first Advanced development facility and will accelerate international growth in Europe & Asia. Carbon’s mission is to enable customers in demanding industries to accelerate product innovation and create products that are not yet available on the market. The future facility will play a key role in this strategy by enabling engineering teams to improve its platform and workflows in scaled-up manufacturing environments to better support its customers and partners.

The digital manufacturer has already convinced more than one industrial: in the automotive, Ford & Lamborghini have already benefitted from the company’s digital manufacturing. In the sport industry, Riddell’s helmets are the perfect example to mention.

Greg Penner, Founder and General Partner at Madrone Capital Partners and Chairman of Walmart, is totally right when he talks about the company’s diversification across markets and industries. “Through their partnerships with large-scale manufacturers in automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods, they are proving that, with their Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, additive manufacturing in larger scale production is becoming a reality across industry sectors. This is an inflection point for the company, and we’re proud to be able to contribute to Carbon’s future success.”

A continuous growth since 2013

Today, Carbon is hiring over 400 employees, operates in 14 countries, and has seen a 33X increase in print volumes over the past 12 months and more than a 5X increase in print hours.

Furthermore, it is hard to not mention the growing portfolio of its material products as well as regular updates of its software.

Anyway, the company is part of those companies which is already a success hence the trust of its investors.

  “At Baillie Gifford, we seek to invest in companies capable of delivering transformational growth over the long term,” said Peter Singlehurst, Investment Manager at Baillie Gifford. “Through a combination of technical and business model innovation, Carbon is delivering on the promise of additive manufacturing, and in the process growing rapidly into an enormous opportunity. The thoughtful way in which the team at Carbon is building the company and the strong emphasis on the values and culture of the organization make us incredibly proud to support the company in their growth round.”

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