Lamborghini revisits a few parts of its Urus SUV model using Carbon 3D printing technology

Lamborghini harnesses 3D Printing technology to produce auto parts at scale

Italy-based manufacturer of cars Lamborghini will leverage Carbon 3D printing technology to produce auto parts at scale. The Italian manufacturer is acknowledged for its luxurious sports cars and super sports utility vehicles. Although its brand awareness is not to shout out anymore, the company is currently following the move of other car manufacturers like Volkswagen to ensure its users a premium quality for its cars.

A new textured fuel cover cap and a clip component for an air duct for its Urus SUV model (released last year) will be manufactured in collaboration with Volkswagen’s Electronic Research Lab. Nikolai Reimer, Senior Vice President and Executive Director from the research lab is redesigning many of the parts in its vehicle interior, mirror assembly, and accessory components to produce light-weight, durable, end-use parts. 

Carbon’s recently unveiled technology, Digital Light Synthesis®  (DLS®) will be leveraged in this project. As a reminder, the technology uses light and oxygen to rapidly produce products from a pool of resin. For the manufacturing of this part, the team will use the Epoxy (EPX) 82 material. The material is known for its ability to withstand the high pressures, temperature requirements, as well as impact strength, needed for such applications.  

Carbon’s digital manufacturing solution empowers companies like Lamborghini with the freedom to design and build better products on the means of production,” said Dr. Joseph DeSimone, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon about this project. “The automotive industry shows significant promise for using digital fabrication for production at scale, and our partnership with Lamborghini is a perfect example of the kind of innovation you can achieve when you fuse design, manufacturability and engineering all into one.

Carbon is currently increasing its partnerships in the automotive industry, and we wonder if the digital manufacturing specialist won’t become a car manufacturer in the end.

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