Continuous Composites & Arkema to advance Continuous Fiber 3D Printing

An interesting coalition between Continuous Composites & Arkema has been sealed to foster the development of Continuous Fiber 3D Printing.

Continuous Composites owns a patented Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®) technology, a technology that enables the use of AM with composite materials. According to the Idaho-based manufacturer, this technology reduces lead times & manual labor, removes the need for expensive capital equipment, and enables the 3D printing of complex geometries.

The strategic partnership with Arkema will enable the materials producer to harness its Sartomer business line and to combine (CF3D®) Printing technology with its photocurable resin solutions. Since the launch of its commercial platform “3D printing Solutions by Arkema”, the French company has further developed its activities around AM materials.

Such combination results in a moldless, out-of-autoclave manufacturing technology. While sharing their respective expertise, both partners have been able to reduce the cost of manufacturing with composite materials.

Leveraging the power of CF3D with Arkema’s advanced resins and state of the art laboratory testing facilities, this strategic partnership enables high-performance and lightweight material solutions to be developed and certified.” The industry now expects the release of a dedicated library of advanced material solutions.

Combining AM and composites materials

AM is expanding tremendously and creates a host of new opportunities for the composites industry. Fiber-reinforced composite tooling, ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) and woven fiber composites are the realm of additive manufacturing.

The use of composites in AM is expanding and seems to satisfy the needs of operators that are looking for low-cost, lightweight yet strong and durable components.

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