Schunk Carbon Technology selects Anisoprint 3D Printing technology for tooling

Schunk Carbon Technology is a division of the Schunk Group and a global leader in the production of carbon and ceramic solutions. The division is taking advantage of Anisoprint’s 3D Printing technology to accelerate custom tools production.

Anisoprint delivers desktop 3D printers intended for the manufacture of industrial-grade parts. The Luxembourg-based company has a patented composite fiber co-extrusion (CFC) technology that facilitates the customization of material properties by controlling the direction and volume fraction of the reinforcing fibers.

Anisoprint’s 3D printers are known to process carbon-fiber, which is a core material in Schunk Carbon Technology’s applications.  Indeed, Schunk Group develops tools based on a wide range of materials including carbon/graphite, carbon compounds, silicon carbide and quartz. Those tools are thereafter exploited in automotive and motorsports applications.

We are using the Anisoprint Composer for printing demonstrators and tools for our production. The Composer does a good job! It works precise and reliable and together with its slicing software “Aura” it forms a capable tool.” — Gotthard Nauditt, R&D Engineer Composites, said.

As for Anisoprint, the company strongly encourages AM operators to stop thinking by metal additive manufacturing, and to seize the opportunity offered by controlling the direction and volume fraction of the reinforcing fibers. As Anisoprint explains, 3D printed parts produced with their technology are lighter and cheaper than metal or non-optimized fiber reinforced composites.

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