Autodesk, Arkema and Farsoon partner to push forward polymer laser sintering

Image via Arkema

Yesterday, we illustrated how 3 companies that specialize in different sectors join forces to penetrate the market. Today we discover how Autodesk, Arkema and Farsoon that specialize in software, materials and hardware announcea partnership to improve industrial production with polymer laser sintering.

The contribution of each player

In this specific case, Autodesk will provide Netfabb® and Fusion 360® software to cover the design and manufacturing steps for Farsoon additive manufacturing systems that integrate laser sintering. Arkema on its side comes into play with its bio-based polyamide 11 Rilsan®, a polymer that already has 70 years of experience in demanding applications over the world.

The companies explain that by integrating the processing parameters of Arkema’s polyamide 11 and Farsoon’s advanced hardware within Autodesk’s software, users easily get access to the information they need to accelerate a complete workflow from design to print.

With this collaboration we have also introduced Rilsan® polyamide 11 as a materials option into our generative design technology. This makes it possible for Fusion 360 customers to rapidly create hundreds of generative design outcomes that are ready to print”, said Leanne Gluck,Additive Manufacturing Strategy Lead, Autodesk.

As Don Xu, Farsoon’s Global Sales Director, points out, this partnership aims to provide “expertise in complementary fields related to polymer additive manufacturing”.

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